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A lot has happened since our last newsletter. In this week’s edition:

  • 3D gun printing group Deterrence Dispensed members release multiple new projects

  • Bitcoin as a protection for Armageddon and financial censorship

3D gun printing

The pace of innovation, production, and testing by members of Deterrence Dispensed continues to accelerate. If you log off Twitter or Keybase for a couple of days you’ll probably miss something from them. Here are six examples.

1. The F17, by d33pthought

2. PETG Warfairy Charon 3D Printed AR15 Lower Reciever/stock Combo

3. Final Revision of the 3D Printed HP22A

4. Ordnance Lab’s 3D Printed Claymore

5. Optic mount for the Vz61 printable lowers

6. Assembling and Testing the 3D Printed AR-15 Snail Drum by Incarbonite

Speaking of Incarbonite (3DPrintFreedom)…

Podcast 18 “Speak Softly And Carry A Big Printer” With Incarbonite

We continue to defy what’s possible with 3D gun printing

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3D gun printing is hard work, and our guest today is one of the hardest working gun printers. Incarbonite has built or tested just about every 3D printed gun and part that the Deterrence Dispensed team has produced since its inception. In this episode we discuss Incarbonite’s experience, starting from building DIY guns at home as a kid to today’s most recent and cutting edge 3D printed creations.

  • Advantages of 3D printed receivers over 80% complete receivers

  • The evolution and process of developing, testing, and marketing new designs

  • Using LBRY and to get around file hosting and sharing censorship

  • How the lower cost of using parts kits and 3D printed lowers the barrier of entry to gun ownership

  • What’s coming to 3D gun printing in 2020 and defying what’s possible

  • Using bitcoin to pay for 3D printed gun parts


Bitcoin As a Protection for Armageddon and Financial Censorship

While the pampered and naive overfocus on bitcoin as a passive investment, here at Guns N’ Bitcoin we believe Bitcoin’s greatest strength and purpose is protection against financial and political infringements.

In Forbes Magazine, Clem Chambers wrote an article called, Bitcoin, Gold, Silver And Armageddon, discussing using these three monies in five gradients of extreme circumstances.

  1. Economic Dislocation

  2. Personal Dislocation

  3. Widespread War

  4. The losing side of widespread war

  5. The big one (nuclear winter)

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Dissident tech and Bitcoin are tools to protect against censoring of free speech. We sat down with Preston Byrne to discuss the how and why.

Podcast 17 Defeating The Financial Censorship Trinity - Preston Byrne

Mobs, the State, and private enterprise partner to censor thought dissidents

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Financial censorship is a powerful new tool to suppress free speech by threatening, and sometimes ruining, people’s financial lives. While governments have varying restraints on censoring speech, private enterprises and outrage mobs do not. When two of these three groups work together to silence dissidents, individuals have few defenses. In this episode we speak with Preston Byrne, an attorney focused on cryptocurrency and tech, who has written and spoken on this trinity of financial censorship.

  • Sides of the trinity: The State + mobs, private enterprise + the State, mobs + the State, with examples of each

  • “Mob-driven, extra-judicial denial of service”

  • Specific strategies to defeat each censor combination

  • Using bitcoin, alternative tech applications, and free speech supporting service providers

  • HODLing bitcoin doesn’t create censorship resistance

  • Trading the network effect for smaller, more free platforms

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