Wild, Wacky, and Sexy 3D Printed Guns

Q&A with Bear Arms N' Bitcoin Presenter Vinh Nguyen

Our annual freedom technology conference Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin is only nine weeks away. In this week’s newsletter we pose some questions to Vinh Nguyen, a designer of many wacky and innovative 3D printed guns, and is a presenter at #BANB2021!

Vinh Nguyen

Vinh is an illustrator turned software engineer, and designer of many “ridiculous” 3D printed guns.

GNB: What are your top three favorite 3D printed guns you’ve made and why?

Vinh: I think my personal favorites thus far are my ASP 2.1, Superstar STR-15, and VS-22. The ASP 2.1 is a reimagining of Devel's ASP carry pistol from the late 20th century, but in a modern Smith and Wesson M&P Shield frame- complete with windows and a "gutter" sight stand-in. The STR-15 is my take on a "compliant" design that gives any bufferless AR-15 upper a more "traditional" gun design (though if you are printing, it probably doesn't matter anyways). The VS-22 is simply fun- it's a frame specifically for the VZ-61 Skorpion .22LR conversion kit from Czech Small Arms. Great for cheap plinking and showing off.


GNB: What inspires your designs?

Vinh: Mostly convenience, but with a sprinkle of absurdity. My claim to fame was my stock and shroud kit for the 16-inch Heritage Rough Rider, which was my first design, and was just simply absurd. I usually make designs on whatever I can get my hands on, or make choice tweaks to existing ones.

GNB: What are you most looking forward to at BANB2021?

Vinh: I'm definitely looking forward to connecting with the community in meat-space at BANB2021! I wasn't a major crypto person early on, but after BANB2020 and some book reading, I was able to be more informed about the movement and purposes of Bitcoin. I definitely want to learn more at the event, and hope to share with others too about guns and stuff.

Vinh will give a presentation on Saturday and will be shooting his 3D printed guns on Sunday at Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin 2021. Register today and buy an Early Bird ticket to save $140 off of a Standard ticket (while supplies last).