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Q&A With Bear Arms N' Bitcoin Presenter Citizen Hush

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In this newsletter we pose some questions to BANB2021 presenter Citizen Hush. He describes himself variously as the Bob Ross of the 2nd Amendment, the Ocean Mexican, and a feral hog eradicator. Many know CitizenHush from his a popular YouTube firearms channel.

We describe CitizenHush as an enthusiastic and generous individual. He’s donating a night thermal hog hunt to our silent auction, benefitting Deterrence Dispensed designers. The hunt will take place in Central Texas this Fall. Rifles equipped with thermal scopes, ammo, lodging and food are provided by CitizenHush- all you need to do is get to Central Texas.

If you’d like to donate to the BANB2021 silent auction please contact us.

Q&A With Citizen Hush

GnB: What topic are you presenting at BANB2021?

Citizen Hush: I’ll be talking about my path from the crypto-world to the firearms community, my recent dive into the 3D printed firearms world …..and the unique characteristics they share. I’ll also be talking about adoption and my experiences getting people on-boarded into crypto and the gun-world. I’m new to 3D printed firearms and incredibly humbled to have the opportunity to learn from the folks whose files I’m downloading and testing.

Below is a video of Citizen Hush testing various different 3D Printed firearms from FMDA, CTRL Pew and Ivan. 

GNB: You're heavily involved in both firearms and Bitcoin. What do the two have in common?

Citizen Hush: Liberty and the responsibility that comes with it is probably the most obvious similarity. Firearms are the expression of taking your own safety and protection into your own hands as well as acting as a deterrence to tyranny. 
Bitcoin is the financial expression of this. Taking ownership of your own financial decisions and opting out of institutions incentivized to invade your privacy and dictate who you can and cannot transact with is an incredibly powerful idea. The traditional firearms industry has been confronted by this in recent years as payment providers and gateways effectively deplatform firearm retailers. From a freedom of information perspective, 3D Printed firearms are just the natural evolution of this. 

In a world where the state is increasingly encroaching on civil liberties, these three communities are naturally complimentary. Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin is an incredible petri dish for these ideas to manifest in real life and flourish.

GNB: You've partnered with a documentary producer to make a video about the BANB2021. What will be the focus, or what are you trying to accomplish?

Citizen Hush: I’m working with Merit Films to document the conference, speaker talks, and range day in hopes of showing the human side of this community that gets completely ignored by the media. While the technology is fascinating, that’s just the surface. What the technology represents is what’s more interesting to me. 

Come to Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin 2021 to hear Citizen Hush speak and to bid on a bunch of cool gear in our silent auction.


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