Subverting Censorship With Keybase

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We recommend getting an account on to leverage the asymmetric power of cryptography in your day to day life. It offers secure groups, cryptographically proven ID, encrypted chat + file sharing, and more.

3D printed gun enthusiasts are thriving by using this powerful app to collaborate on designs and strategies. Last week 3D gun printing group Deterrence Dispensed became the 3rd most popular group on Keybase. As of this writing, it has 2,608 members.

Note, you can only join a team through the desktop or mobile app.

The oldest gathering of 3D gun printing engineers is FOSSCAD, which describes itself as a “decentralized cluster of people and bots dedicated to the data love of open source CAD, CNC, ECM (Electrochemical machining), 3d-Printing, awesomeness and firearms”. The FOSSCAD public team on Keybase has 842 members.

Besides these two public groups, Keybase has many private groups, used for more focused discussion or where vetting of members is necessary. Use your subversive imagination.

Bitcoiners are also on Keybase. One good team is BitcoinBTC run by Matt O’Dell. Currently, Twitter and Reddit have the greatest share of bitcoin talk on social media sites. But with so many drawbacks of those platforms, we hope more will move to Keybase.

We now have a Guns N’ Bitcoin Keybase account, where you can find the PGP public key for our hello @ email account. We have future plans for GNB Keybase teams. Stay tuned.

Podcast 13: Bitcoin Prosperity Or Bitcoin Fantasy

Sound money is necessary but insufficient to create prosperity

Do Austrian Economics principles apply to bitcoin as it functions today? And if so, how do those principles enable bitcoin to help poor people? What other factors besides sound money are necessary to create prosperity? In this episode, Ragnar debates these questions with Stephan Livera, a speaker on Austrian Economics and the co-founder of the Australian Bitcoin education venture Ministry Of Nodes.

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