Jan 14th Update - Bear Arms N' Bitcoin

New speaker announced and Q&A with CTRL+Pew

New Speaker

Our annual FREEDOM TECHNOLOGY conference Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin is only three months away. Today we announced a new speaker, Brave The World. She’s the author of the new book, Thank God For Bitcoin. She's also an advocate for "family, homesteading, guns, and purpose".

Q&A with CTRL+Pew

As a lead up to Bear Arms N Bitcoin 2021 (#BANB2021) we will post Q&As with our presenters. This week we talk to CTRL+Pew, a prolific maker and promoter of 3D printed weapons.

Q: Who are you and what are some of your accomplishments?

A: I design, develop, and promote printable goodies for the community. Currently I’m working on methods of funding project development and research as well as serving as an inlet to get people started printing via the website, guides and social media. The most notable projects would be the lopoint, 80% jigs, and the Hush Puppy Suppressor.

Q: What are you most looking forward to at #BANB2021?

A: Hanging out more with the community.

Q: Why is freedom technology important?

A: In the current age of technogarchy and monopolies of industrial collusion distributed tech is the most effective means of circumventing it. The collusion in the financial sector prevented businesses from operating freely so crypto is rising to fill that need. Rinse and repeat for every industry, as many as possible.

Hear from CTRL+Pew and other top freedom technology leaders at Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin 2021. Buy Early Bird tickets and save $140 while supplies last.