In Memoriam: JStark (1993 - 2021)

3D gun printing pioneer dies at age 28

Today the world learned that JStark, one of the most inspiring heroes and freedom innovators of the 21st century, passed away in June after suffering an apparent heart attack. JStark was 28. Our condolences go out to his family and all the friends who knew him during his brief, noble journey on earth.

JStark was a 21st-century combination of the greatest Founding Fathers and Eugene Stoner. He pioneered 3D gun printing. He helped start Deterrence Dispensed - the most extensive online 3D gun group that produces a tremendous volume and quality of innovative weapons and accessories. JStark’s signature contribution was the FGC-9, a pistol you can make from off-the-shelf parts and 3D printing.

From March 2020:

The guerrilla 3D-gun file development group Deterrence Dispensed released to the public yesterday the much-anticipated FGC-9 project. The FGC-9 is described in the official release documentation as “the most effective and easiest to build homemade semi-automatic firearm design for people with limited access to gunsmithing knowledge and tools.”

The FGC-9 release is important because it represents a fulfillment of the promise of 3D printed guns: they can’t be stopped. In 2013, the Liberator was proof of concept. In 2020, the FGC-9 is proof of carbine. 

The FGC-9 enables everyday people all around the world to build a 9mm semi-automatic firearm, from start to finish, using a 3D printer and commonly available, unregulated materials. It’s specifically designed to be accessible to folks with minimal gun building experience, and avoids using parts commonly or easily restricted by law in the US and Europe. Anyone can build it, and no one can stop it.

In case there was any doubt about the political ideology here, you should know that the ‘FGC’ in the ‘FGC-9’ stands for “fuck gun control”.

Designer JStark1809 details his motivation for the project, “Frustrated by not being able to acquire and bear firearms because of regulations and tyrannical laws, I embarked on the journey to learn to produce my own firearms.” 

An anonymous European designer and maker, JStark1809 worked with other prominent developers to complete the project. IvanTheTroll developed the printed Glock magazines and ECM barrel making process, Incarbonite adapted an airsoft M4 fire control group for an AR-15 lower receiver. Others like CtrlPew helped video documentation, and a team of beta testers put the build through its paces before release.

- The FGC-9 Fulfills the Promise of 3D Printed Guns, By En Bloc Press

The FGC-9 is a monumental achievement since most of the world outlaws guns and gun parts. The ability to make a fully functional pistol is hope and a tool for all those suffering under government tyranny.

We recommend caution in the details around JStark’s passing and investigations, as there are some inconsistencies. However, we will update this obituary if new or corrected facts become known.

The information about JStark’s passing comes from this (derogatory and defamatory) article in the German newspaper Der Spiegel. The English translation was uploaded to Pastebin, which you can find here: Scrolling down to line 96 reads:

Criminologists involved describe D. as an eccentric who had his Turkish first and last name changed two years ago. Last summer he moved from Hanover to a small apartment in Völklingen in the Saarland. New name, new city - what induced D. to make a new start remains unclear. D. lived like a "hermit" in Saarland, alone and secluded, says an official. After months of investigation, the authorities struck in late June. A special task force stormed his apartment. During the search, the investigators found a 3D printer, several cell phones, hard drives and a laptop, but no weapons. Jacob D. remained at large.

"Even if it took a lot of bloodshed to get the right to bear arms, I would." - Jacob D., weapons maker

Two days after the police action, relatives found his body in a car in front of his parents' apartment in Hanover. Forensic medicine could rule out third-party negligence and suicide. The autopsy did not reveal a clear cause of death… There is no doubt that Jacob D. died of natural causes. Since birth, D. had suffered from a weak heart that could have led to death. "Maybe the excitement was just too much," says the officer.

- JStark: Waffenbastler-Ikone über Halle-Attentäter und Waffen aus dem 3D-Drucker

As a European, JStark demonstrated his bravery and dedication to his self-defense-for-all philosophy by being a passionate advocate and developer of 3D-printed firearms.

In 2019 we recorded a podcast with JStark, somewhat prophetically called Live Free Or Die With 3D Printed Guns. In the episode, you can feel his passion and bravery. JStark used the following image in some of his social media profiles:

To memorialize JStark, we will create an award named after him, celebrating innovation in freedom technology, at our annual conference in 2022. We’ll have several categories. Follow us on Twitter to get details when we release them.

Via video, JStark spoke at our first annual freedom technology conference in 2020. Our team and the attendees considered his presentation a highlight of the event. Again, JStark took risks to spread the gospel of freedom.

Jake Hanrahan of Popular Front made a documentary focused on JStark entitled PLASTIC DEFENCE.

Ivan the Troll worked closely with JStark, on the FGC-9, and in building and running Deterrence Dispensed. On Twitter, Ivan wrote:

Stark was a good friend of mine. He was the catalyst for my involvement in this world of home gunsmithing, and inspired thousands of others to learn the craft. It hurts to learn of his passing.

In the few years I knew him, he was an invaluable resource and excellent partner on a variety of projects. His documentation and notetaking are second to none. He risked everything to make the world a better place, and was proud of what he had inspired. The work will carry on.

I still owe him a case of American cream soda. Pour one out for the guy. We're all lucky to be able to share his work.

Rest In Peace.