Happy Halloween

Bitcoin Is Spooky - Defend It!

Eleven years ago today Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin white paper on the Cryptography Mailing List. Why did he choose Halloween? Is it because bitcoin is a trick or a treat? This article presents some ideas about the date.

Physical Attacks On Bitcoin Owners

Speaking of Bitcoin being spooky, Jameson Lopp maintains a GitHub repo of known physical bitcoin attacks. “A list of known attacks against Bitcoin / crypto asset owning entities that occurred in meatspace. NOTE: this list is not comprehensive; many attacks are not publicly reported.”

Currently, 52 incidents are recorded, the first is December 29, 2014 and the most recent is August 26, 2019.

Rigel Walshe, aka Coinsure, is an ex-cop from New Zealand turned Python programmer. At the recent Transylvania Crypto Conference, he gave the presentation, "The Hodlguard- a primer on physical security in Bitcoin". In his talk, Rigel provides:

  1. An analysis of known physical bitcoin attacks

  2. Examination of situational awareness as the best proactive measure

  3. Practical advice for attack deterrence

You can watch the video of the presentation and read his slides.

We created the Guns N’ Bitcoin Scorpion Case to help you protect your bitcoin from these types of attacks.

If bitcoin is a Swiss bank account in your pocket, how are you protecting your bank? Storing bitcoin on a hardware wallet is a good start. But they are prone to being misplaced, stolen, or damaged by water, heat, dirt, and physical forces.

Adding a PIN and/or passphrase to you wallets makes makes it harder for a thief to steal your funds. As does using multisig transactions. But some wallets can still be hacked if an attacker can gain physical access. Even more frightening, a criminal can break into your house and demand you provide the passphrase or perform the multisig transactions so that he may steal your bitcoin, and will kill you or your family if you don’t comply. Having a gun next to your wallet increases your chances of defeating a violent attacker.

The Scorpion mitigates all of these threats in rugged, portable, convenient case. It has two compartments for various combinations of hardware wallets and a folding pocket knife. The gun compartment can fit subcompact, compact, and standard size pistols, plus two to three magazines.

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Podcast 11: Preventing Genocide With Guns And Bitcoin - Jeff Kelman

We are living with Nazi gun laws in the United States

In this episode we speak with Jeff Kelman, who is writing his master’s thesis at Gratz College on the role of guns in the holocaust and other genocides. We delve into the strongest argument for the right to bear arms and the undeniable evil of the state using asymmetric armament to slaughter millions of civilians. There’s a saying, “Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it. Jeff’s scholarship provides the historical facts and rigorous analysis to remember the past to prevent future genocides.


  • How the Gun Control Act of 1968 was based on the German Weimer Republic Gun Control Act of 1928

  • Why registration and subjective licensing are the key starting points for gun control laws that preceded numerous genocides. And how they lead to armament asymmetry

  • How governments seize the wealth of their citizens to fund their violence and how bitcoin offers protection against that theft

  • Historical summary of the Armenian, Kymer Rouge, Rwandan, and Chinese genocides, and the gun control acts preceding them

  • How 3D printed guns might reduce the risk of gun confiscation because 3D guns aren’t registered

  • We compare current how US red flag laws compare to similar ones in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia, and how they’re used to disarm members of oppositional political groups

Listen To Episode 11

Happy Halloween

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