Guns N' Bitcoin Podcast Is Live

Listen to the first four episodes

If you’re reading this, THANK YOU for supporting the mission of Guns N’ Bitcoin.

We’re excited to finally publish our podcast. Hosts Chanel Li and Ragnar Lifthasir arm you with the tools and stories to help you thrive and survive the cyberpunk dystopia. We’ve released the first four episodes for your binge-listening pleasure.

Listen Now

Going forward, we will release 2 episodes, every 2 weeks, on Tuesday. We call it “22T”. Expect controversial topics and uncensored guests. We aim to make episodes as brief as possible, with only the most potent content. Each episode has a webpage with a show summary, links to resources, and timestamp highlights. We're building a library of wisdom and tools.

Episode #1 introduces you to our hosts, summarizes our philosophy, previews the topics we'll cover, the types of guests we’ll feature, and our future plans.

Episode #2 features @AGLeaks, who brings oversight to the gun control movement using internal links. We discuss the incompetence and corruption of the ATF, and the tactics of 3D gun printing innovators use to route around censorship.

Episode #3 features @bravetheworld - a provocateur, early bitcoiner, a “trad life” mother & wife, and a deep and broad thinker with a sharp wit. If you aren’t offended by at least one remark, or don't laugh, you didn’t listen close enough.

Episode #4 features @pavlenex, who explains how and why @BtcpayServer is a freedom tool to accept bitcoin payments. We talk BTCPay apps such as crowdfunding, micropayments and a wallet. We review the sins of @BitPay and how they led to BTCPay Server.

If you have suggestions for topics or guests please let us know by replying below, or use our contact page.