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  1. Winner announced for 3D gun printing bitcoin bounty

  2. Bitcoin Magazine torture tests our Scorpion Case

  3. Virginia hurtling towards insurrection over proposed gun control laws

1. Winner for 3D Gun Printing Bitcoin Bounty

Deterrence Dispensed members, CTRL+Pew and Rogue Plastikov Gunsmith, organized a competition to make a 9mm barrel from stock material, with the ECM (electrochemical machining) developed by Ivan The Troll.

The screenshot below from the bounty page shows how Deterrence Dispensed is combining Keybase, bitcoin, and a clean UX to incentivize 3D gun printing participation. As noted in the “Bounty Contributors” table, Gun N’ Bitcoin contributed bitcoin to the bounty.

The winner of the bounty gets 0.0259 bitcoin ($184) and has been invited to build the first closed beta FGC-9, a 9mm pistol built completely from off the shelf parts, 3D printed gun components, and some regular guns parts. In last week’s podcast we interviewed the designer of the FGC-9, JStark1809. Below are photos of the winner’s final results.

Photo collage by Rogue Plastikov Gunsmith

2. Bitcoin Magazine Torture Tests Our Scorpion Case

This week Colin Harper of Bitcoin Magazine published his tests of our Scorpion Case against blunt force, water penetration, fire, and stopping a shotgun blast.

Below describe his first two tests:

The first swing with the sledge end of the maul left a dent, and I was pleased to see that the hardware wallet I inserted into the case before testing was unscathed. Now, I have no way of measuring the PSI of the swing, but I came down with all my strength on the case and it withstood the test.

Next, I swung with the axe. To be expected, the resin cracked under this pressure (I anticipated this because, again, the case makes no guarantees against this kind of trauma), but it did not shatter. And once again, the hardware wallet was still intact. 

So, all of that to say, in the rare event that someone takes a sledgehammer to your Scorpion Case, it’s going to hold up for at least the first few swings. Additionally, if your house were to come toppling down, I’d imagine your hardware would remain safe under the rubble.

When it comes to impact resistance, the Scorpion Case performed very well under pressure. 

This final test took the case to the extreme, well beyond what Guns n’ Bitcoin claims it can withstand.

For the first firearms test, I unloaded two 2 and 3/4 inch, 1 ounce birdshot shotgun rounds from a 20-gauge shotgun into the case from a distance of roughly 15 yards. Both of the shots blew the case wide open, thereby splitting the fused lid.

But the hardware wallet was still largely intact. The only deformity came from a crack caused by one of the pellets from the birdshot. I was shocked to see that it wasn’t completely shredded. In fact, the BB that did hit it was one of the few that actually penetrated the case. The NK-7 polypropylene absorbed most of the blow, and most of the BBs were embedded in the exterior casing. 

For the final test, I put the Scorpion Case up against an AR-15… It shoots a 5.56 NATO round (and/or .223 Remington round, depending on the manufacturer) and can penetrate steel.

So naturally, it cut through the Scorpion Case like butter. I unloaded roughly 10 rounds into the case from 15 yards. The final two rounds, which entered the case from its bottom side just between the hinges, chipped two significant pieces of casing off. The hardware wallet, still, was undamaged, but if it had been in the path of one of the bullets, it would have been torn to bits.

After completing all four tests, Colin summarized his findings.

If you’re a Bitcoiner and looking for a solid case to protect your hardware, the Scorpion Case is top of the line — it under promises, over delivers and provides a sturdy, all-in-one option to hold all of your hardware wallets and your pistol (self-sovereignty in a box).

There’s a few day left to buy the Scorpion Case for Christmas and get 30% off with our holiday coupon SCORPION30.

Buy The Scorpion Case

3. Virginia hurtling towards insurrection over proposed gun control laws

In reaction to the most tyrannical and blatantly unconstitutional gun control laws ever proposed, 85 cities/counties across Virginia have approved some type of resolution as Second Amendment sanctuaries. The situation is escalating, with the governor threatening to send the national guard to arrest law enforcement who will not enforce the bills, if they pass.

Colion Noir sums up the most recent developments.

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