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Q&A with Ivan the Troll + Conference updates including t-shirts, new sponsors, and podcast

The Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin freedom tech conference is only three weeks away! Our Early Bird ticket sales ($155) end on March 31st. Starting April 1st, only Standard Tickets will be available ($295).

In this newsletter:

  • Q&A with Ivan The Troll who will be presenting at BANB2021 via video conference

  • Conference updates including t-shirts, new sponsors, and podcast

Ivan The Troll Q&A

For those involved with 3D gun printing, Ivan needs no introduction, so let’s jump right into the questions.

GnB: What topic are you presenting at BANB2021?

Ivan: I'll be presenting on electrochemical machining of barrels.

GnB: What is the current state of DIY ammunition?

Ivan: DIY ammo currently sits in a developmental stage - while various loopholes exist that allow for making ammo in most places in the world, there's some focus on developing ways to make smokeless gunpowder from unregulated precursor components, make your own cases and primers, and bullet molding has been easy and simple for a couple hundred years now.

GnB: How many hours do spend on testing and documenting a new design? Why are these important?

Ivan: Depends on the project. I'd say it averages over 100 hours per project - some stuff takes a load of time to nail down. Testing and documentation are more important than the designs themselves - a design with no testing or documentation is a shiny thing, a design with testing and documentation is something proven, understood, and repeatable - it gives the holder of the file to power to learn something, understand something, and make something if they so desire. If testing and documentation could be sidelined, you'd be seeing projects knocked out weekly - and you'd have no idea what to expect from them, how to print/build them, and there would be no promise that they would actually work.

Come to BANB2021 to watch Ivan’s presentation on electrochemical machining of barrels.



  • The official t-shirt and hoodie for Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin 2021 is now live on our store. Buy one in time to wear it to the conference.

  • Bitcoin Magazine, one of our media sponsors, published their podcast with Guns N’ Bitcoin founder Ragnar Lifthrasir discussing the conference and freedom technology. Listen here. Bitcoin magazine created the following graphic which accurately summarizes who’s attending BANB2021: