3 Days Until Bear Arms N' Bitcoin 2021

Conference updates + Special Guns N’ Bitcoin Edition Ronin Dojo Bitcoin Node

We’re reaching the capacity of our venue. Register today before we sell out!


In this newsletter:

  • GNB / Ronin Dojo Bitcoin node

  • Miscellaneous Conference Updates

Special Guns N’ Bitcoin Edition Ronin Dojo Bitcoin Node

We’re excited to announce a partnership with Ronin Dojo, “A Samourai Wallet Community-driven Bitcoin full node stack optimized for Single Board Computers, like the Raspberry Pi 4. Our user interfaces and powerful features are fit for any level Bitcoiner. RoninDojo is focused on providing the tools you need to safely and securely use your Samourai Wallet and Hardware Wallet so you can "Be your own Master!".

The node features

  • Limited RoninDojo x Guns N' Bitcoin 3d Printed Shell

  • Rockpro64 4gb Single-board Computer

  • 1 Year Premium SupportChatroom
    1TB SSD & Wiring
    PCIe -> Sata Card

  • RoninDojo Software

  • Being able to take photos of the node and share it on social media

The special edition GNB node will be available for sale at Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin. You may also purchase the node on the Ronin website for $450.


Miscellaneous Conference Updates

Most of the presentations will be recorded and later published on our YouTube channel.

Speaker Citizen Hush is making a short film about the conference and his team will be filming through out the weekend. We will also have another media company filming Sunday’s gun activities.

For Saturday night, we don’t have a sponsored after party. But we’re recommending everyone meet up at Rainey Street. Join our Telegram group to chat with other attendees and to make plans.

This year we’re having a lot more liberal photo and video policy. The rule of thumb is, don’t film anyone’s face without their prior permission. We’ll have a photo wall in the lobby to take selfies or pictures with your friends.

For Sunday’s 3D printed Gun Shooting Championship, there’s no pre-registration. Just come at 8:00 when it starts.

We’ll have GNB hats, stickers, and official event t-shirts & hoodies for sale. Bitcoin, cash, and cash app only.

We’ll see you in Austin this weekend!

Enter The Zelko Dojo

Q&A with BANB presenter BTCxZelko + Telegram chat this Sunday!

Only 10 days until Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin 2021. And tomorrow (March 31st) is the last day to purchase Early Bird tickets and save $140 off of the Standard Ticket.

We’re going to have a Telegram voice chat about the conference this Sunday, April 4th at 1:00 Eastern /10:00 Pacific. We’ll give the latest updates and then open it up for discussion. To participate, join our Telegram Team. We currently have 140 members.

Q&A with BTCxZelko

The Bitcoin content for Bear Arms 2021 is all about privacy and financial sovereignty. In this newsletter we do a Q&A with BANB presenter BTCxZelko. He’s the Co-Founder of RoninDojo.

GNB: What is the Ronin Dojo and how is it different than other Bitcoin nodes?

Zelko: RoninDojo is easiest and most reliable way to run your own full node to back your Samourai Wallet. It was created by the Samourai Community for the Samourai community. While other nodes appeal to the non-technical and care more about how many apps they support than the quality of their product, we focus on only what you need, while still taking the heavy lifting off of the user.

GNB: Why should people use Samourai conjoin tools?

Zelko: First it is important to understand what bitcoin is at a basic level: peer-to-peer digital cash done via a distributed ledger. The distributed ledger is important as it verifies supply cap, transaction and transaction history. This last part is crucial as it is what CAN prevent bitcoin from being truly becoming digital cash. Given that bitcoin is pseudonymous at a basic level, in the beginning bitcoin was much closer to digital cash, however, with KYC creeping in all facets of our life and the bitcoin world, this posses as massive threat to our privacy. Which is where Samourai coinjoin comes in. 

A coinjoin is a non-custodial collaborative transaction with more than participant which results in an obfuscation of the transaction inputs and outputs. Making it more difficult to determine who's coins are who's after the transaction.

Samourai offers two variations: Whirlpool and Cahoots. 

TLDR: Whirlpool is a 5 participant coinjoin with opportunity to continuously mix for free and breaks all deterministic links. Is a paid service.

Cahoots is collaborative 2 person coinjoin, that does not break deterministic links, but DOES create an amount of doubt to an outside observer. Utilized best as a post-mix tool. A free service.

To recap: You should be coinjoining your bitcoin as it increases the crowd to which we all wish to hid it. Whirlpooling will break all deterministic links to anything/anyone that it was previously associated with, living your fresh clean bitcoin that your are free to spend however, you'd like.

GNB: Why should users run their own bitcoin node, and specifically with Samourai Whirlpool features?

Zelko: Running your own brings the ownership back to the users. It's commonly stated that running your own node is being your own bank. Which is true to an extent as banks have the ultimate insight on ALL the money that deposited in their accounts. So being your own bank is a good thing as it cuts out any middle man. But most importantly running your own node serves two major purposes: 

1) Retains your privacy, because if you aren't running your own node, you are using a wallet connected to someone else's full node. That other person knows information about your transaction and sometimes may even have your XPUBS (extend public keys). Which is horrible for privacy, as this gives the node full access to every address ever used or that will be created in the future. 

2) Your node your rules. In the event of something like what was seen during the UASF in 2016, as a node operator you determine what the rules of your node are, and what chain your node will follow.

You should run a full node (Dojo) with Samourai Wallet for all the above reasons stated but additionally, my personal favorite reason to run dojo: Whirlpool-CLI mixing 24/7. I can sleep peacefully knowing that my whirlpooled coins are going to consistently be added back into the cycle to be mixed again given that my Dojo is mixing them. 

Dojo (and RoninDojo) both utilize to tor to communicate with your mobile Samourai Wallet, giving you the freedom to travel anywhere and have the ability to use your wallet, even in the Streets. 

Come to Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin 2021 to hear BTCxZelko and others teach you how to acquire, hold, and use Bitcoin as privately and securely as possible.


A big thank you to our major sponsors of Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin 2021

The Ocean Mexican Bitcoin Gun Nut

Q&A With Bear Arms N' Bitcoin Presenter Citizen Hush

Only 15 days until Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin 2021! Register by March 31 to save $140 off of the Standard Ticket.

In this newsletter we pose some questions to BANB2021 presenter Citizen Hush. He describes himself variously as the Bob Ross of the 2nd Amendment, the Ocean Mexican, and a feral hog eradicator. Many know CitizenHush from his a popular YouTube firearms channel.

We describe CitizenHush as an enthusiastic and generous individual. He’s donating a night thermal hog hunt to our silent auction, benefitting Deterrence Dispensed designers. The hunt will take place in Central Texas this Fall. Rifles equipped with thermal scopes, ammo, lodging and food are provided by CitizenHush- all you need to do is get to Central Texas.

If you’d like to donate to the BANB2021 silent auction please contact us.

Q&A With Citizen Hush

GnB: What topic are you presenting at BANB2021?

Citizen Hush: I’ll be talking about my path from the crypto-world to the firearms community, my recent dive into the 3D printed firearms world …..and the unique characteristics they share. I’ll also be talking about adoption and my experiences getting people on-boarded into crypto and the gun-world. I’m new to 3D printed firearms and incredibly humbled to have the opportunity to learn from the folks whose files I’m downloading and testing.

Below is a video of Citizen Hush testing various different 3D Printed firearms from FMDA, CTRL Pew and Ivan. 

GNB: You're heavily involved in both firearms and Bitcoin. What do the two have in common?

Citizen Hush: Liberty and the responsibility that comes with it is probably the most obvious similarity. Firearms are the expression of taking your own safety and protection into your own hands as well as acting as a deterrence to tyranny. 
Bitcoin is the financial expression of this. Taking ownership of your own financial decisions and opting out of institutions incentivized to invade your privacy and dictate who you can and cannot transact with is an incredibly powerful idea. The traditional firearms industry has been confronted by this in recent years as payment providers and gateways effectively deplatform firearm retailers. From a freedom of information perspective, 3D Printed firearms are just the natural evolution of this. 

In a world where the state is increasingly encroaching on civil liberties, these three communities are naturally complimentary. Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin is an incredible petri dish for these ideas to manifest in real life and flourish.

GNB: You've partnered with a documentary producer to make a video about the BANB2021. What will be the focus, or what are you trying to accomplish?

Citizen Hush: I’m working with Merit Films to document the conference, speaker talks, and range day in hopes of showing the human side of this community that gets completely ignored by the media. While the technology is fascinating, that’s just the surface. What the technology represents is what’s more interesting to me. 

Come to Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin 2021 to hear Citizen Hush speak and to bid on a bunch of cool gear in our silent auction.


A big thank you to our sponsors of Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin 2021

Armor Piercing Ammo At Bear Arms N' Bitcoin

Q&A with Austin Jones Of Atlas Arms + Early Bird Pricing ends in 9 days

Have you bought your tickets yet to Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin? Early Bird ticket sales end March 31st! Do you need another reason to register?

Austin Jones of Atlas Arms is returning to BANB in 2021.


The first Atlas Arms concept in development, the Dagny Dagger project is developing a new type of legally-unrestricted handgun ammunition which in 9mm Luger is able to penetrate all soft armor and perhaps some rifle-rated hard armor (yes, it is possible). This will allow citizens the first legal access to armor-penetrating ammunition since 1986. The projectiles are intended to be more readily home-manufactured than traditional AP ammo, and all research and data including Ghost Gunner code will be released open-source, free and available to the public.

We asked Austin three questions.

GnB: What topic will you be presenting at BANB2021?

Austin: I'll discuss some of the strategy, tactics, and lessons-learned which have helped Atlas Arms come this far in our "off-road" projects, methods, and technologies. Hopefully it'll offer some applicable practical and legal insights to others in the militia industrial complex and other "extra-state/extra-corporate" spaces for building their own projects.

GnB: Why do civilians need armor piercing ammunition?

Austin: Body armor is now cheap and accessible to nearly everyone and can't be ignored as an aspect of contemporary combat and armed conflict. Arms which fail to address the new reality do loose some relevant efficacy. At some point, you need to consider upgrading from revolvers to auto-loaders, and from lead ball to armor-penetrating ammo. But for me, it's a matter of principle that the commons have a right to the same armed capability as the ruling class.

GnB: What are you most looking forward to at BANB2021?

Austin: The people! Especially for me coming from the firearms side of the GnB complex. Such a meetup of the DIY gun community was unprecedented until the first BA&B conference. It's the only time and place all the cool kids gather in person. As well, seeing so many gathered in one place who are specifically interested in and capable of killing the most oppressive arms of the state, control of arms and of money, might be the tastiest white pill I've ever swallowed.

A big thank you to our sponsors of Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin 2021


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